Thank you for sharing your project with the Directory of Digital Art History! You can submit individual projects to the DAHD via our online form. We also provide a bulk submission workflow (download bulk csv) that will allow you to share multiple projects with the DAHD simultaneously. Please follow the instructions below as you complete either form and provide appropriate images files and captions

Before you submit a project, please check the live directory to see if the project has already been included in our publication. 

You will be asked to provide the following information:

    • Title: What is your project called?
    • Contributors: Provide the names of project owners/collaborators, separated by commas. 
    • Institutional Affiliation: May include multiple values, separated by commas
    • Sponsors: Financial supporters, programs and grant funding agencies. Please use commas to separate multiple sponsors. 
    • Project Description: Provide a 100-300 word overview of your project 
    • Is this project alive?: “Yes” if the project is still available at a live URL;  “No” if the project is no longer actively hosted or has been retired. 
    • Year Known Start: If unknown, approximate or leave blank. Please do not include date ranges or query marks.
    • Year Known End: If the project is still active, leave blank. If unknown, approximate or leave blank. Please do not include date ranges or query marks.
    • Decades: List decades during which the project was active, separated by commas (eg. 1990-2000, 2000-2010)
    • Archived Project Link: Please include a link to an archived instance of the project, such as a presservation copy in a repository or a web archived version in the Internet Archive/Wayback Machine
    • Featured Image: Attach one image file (.jpg or .png) that represents your project. Please include a caption for this image in your separate image caption file
    • Image Carousel: Please insert up to 10 image files (.jpg or .png) that represent your project. Image file names should include numbers that correspond to the captions you will submit separately. Please do not include the featured image in this column. 

Taxonomic Terms

The DAHD utilizes a vocabulary derived from our community-generated data. Please refer to the live directory to find terms that describe your project. If the appropriate term does not exist in the directory, please include it in your submission to help our taxonomy grow. 

    • Project Type: What format does your project take? Ex: Timeline, Map, Digital Exhibition. 
    • Art History: Describe the art historical field(s) and artistic medium(s) explored in your project. 
    • Software and Technologies: List the digital tools used to construct your project. These may include softwares (ex: Omeka, TimelineJS), web applications (ex: Voyant, Google Sheets), coding languages and methodologies (ex: python, network analysis).

Image Captions and Credit Lines

We request that you include captions for images that you submit to the directory. Captions should be submitted in a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx); one document per project. Please number your captions to match the filenames of the attached images. 

Captions may be descriptive and/or attributive; they should include a copyright statement, licenses, and credit lines where applicable. DAHD users are apprised of our statement on image rights, but statements addressing permissions requests are very welcome.

We suggest the following format for captions, omitting elements if they do not apply: 

Creator(s), Page Name, Website Title, (accessed XX/XX/20XX); image courtesy of The Project CC-BY 4.0


Screenshot of the Paris Artists Project webpage

A georeferenced historic map displaying the addresses of artists living in Paris in the year 1675. Dots representing artists are color-coded by specialization. Hannah Williams & Chris Sparks, Artists in Paris: Mapping the 18th-Century Art World, (accessed December 10, 2020).